Pneumatic Actuators

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  1. Stainless Steel Actuators

    Stainless Steel Actuators are required for controlling the opening & closing operation of valves installed in piping systems of cement, pesticide, fertilizer, and chemical processing industries. They require energy for their operation which can be provided by hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrical mechanism. These actuators are the type of motors that convert energy into torque which control the specific system. They are made using rich grade steel alloy to assure their high corrosion resistance and excellent strength.
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  2. Heavy Duty Pneumatic Actuators

    Heavy Duty Pneumatic Actuators work by converting compressed air into mechanical motion which generates torque for controlling opening & closing of valve. They find their application in oil & gas, petrochemical, paper & pulp, and dairy industries. These actuators are completely suitable for extremely high pressure conditions and continuous working environments. They are comprised of pressure connection, diaphragm casing & plate, actuator spring & adjustor, stem connector, yoke, and travel indicator.
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  3. Rack And Pinion Actuators

    Rack And Pinion Actuators are comprised of a pair of gears that converts rotational motion into linear motion. They are most widely used in the piping system for controlling the valves to manage fluid flow. These actuators can also be operated by remote and are ideal for utilizing as shutdown mechanism in case of emergency situations. They can be operated by hydraulic or pneumatic pressure or electric current.
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